Cat drawing, one subject Dog drawing, one subject Two dogs drawing, two subjects Dog and Cat drawing, two subjects Dog drawing, one subject Dog drawing, one subject Cat drawing, one subject


Do I have to pay the whole portrait at once?

No, right now I take 50% at the moment you get assigned to the books, and the other 50% when is shipped or delivered

How long can my portrait take?

It’s variable between 10 days up to 3 weeks depending on size and the starting date of the portrait

I don't have good pictures, can I order a portrait?

Many times, we don't have the best quality photo, especially if they are old, you can always ask directly to my mail, I can work with more than one photo, usually one that likes the owner and other where you can see more details or colors

How do I order a portrait?

You can write me filling my contact form, to begin discussing sizes, photos, colors, etc.